Quick Facts

Born in England, lived in South Africa for 17 years, now in Sweden

Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy, Psychology & Business Studies

10 years strategic consulting experience for international agencies  

Mentored  over 50 entrepreneurs across the African continent

Provided strategic services for companies listed on the London and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges

Why I Do What I Do

Born in London, I relocated to South Africa as a teenager, where I was first exposed to the social challenges amplified by the country's unequal distribution of wealth. Living in South Africa under Nelson Mandela's visionary leadership instilled in me an urge to bridge this gap by finding sustainable strategic solutions to social challenges. When I finished my studies in Psychology, Philosophy and Business Studies I worked on "Corporate Social Investment" projects, but quickly realised that business opportunities were being overlooked as organisations often viewed community initiatives as philanthropic PR opportunities as opposed to strategic business enhancing activities. 

Wanting to establish a stronger, more sustainable relationship between communities and corporates, I swapped the boardroom for a backpack and set off on my travels around Africa. Living and working in different communities across the continent I was continuously exposed to the entrepreneurial nature of emerging markets.

Working alongside these entrepreneurs, I soon realised the significant value they brought to their communities. Stimulating their local economies, these entrepreneurs provide their communities with access to new products, services and job opportunities.

Recognising that  the capabilities and insights of the local entrepreneurs can help international companies realise their growth objectives in emerging markets, I bring them together to establish mutually beneficial business relationships. These relationships result in profitable growth for both businesses, which in turn results in growth for the local economy and upliftment for the local community. 

Emerging Market Experience

I truly believe that entrepreneurs are the engine behind social progress, and that is why I have helped over 50 entrepreneurs across the African continent build sustainable businesses. I have  lived, learned and coached in communities across Africa, namely; Livingstone (Zambia), Jambiani (Zanzibar), Moshi (Tanzania), Ngong (Kenya), Kampala (Uganda), Accra (Ghana), Lagos (Nigeria) and Soweto (South Africa). 

Strategic Consulting Experience

Before creating my own consultancy I gained extensive strategic marketing experience building powerful brands with leading global advertising agencies such as Ogilvy, BBDO, Interbrand and McCann. During the last decade working alongside these agencies I developed numerous strategies across a broad spectrum of industries, both consumer and business to business.